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Chakra Incense- Muladhara Stick Chakra Incense- Svadhisthana Stick Chakra Incense- Manipura Stick
Our Price: $3.42
Our Price: $3.42
Our Price: $3.42
This is a rich blend of sandalwood, patchouli, khus grass and clove spice. Formulated according to ancient wisdom, it is designed to be burned with the intention to open and stimulate the lowest energetic center, the Muladhara Chakra. This is an alluring blend of vanilla, rose, and vetiver grass. Lavender and sandalwood are blended together in this hand-rolled incense that has been carefully formulated in accordance to ancient wisdom to stimulate and open the Manipura Chakra.
Chakra Incense- Ajna Stick Chakra Incense- Sahasrara Stick Hilary Stagg: Floral-Divas "Dreamscape" DVD
Our Price: $3.42
Our Price: $3.42
Our Price: $4.95
This stick incense blend of jasmine and Tulasi has been mixed together and rolled by hand, following the ancient wisdom to open the third eye and balance the Ajna Chakra by facilitating concentration and intuition. Continued use of this resin incense assists in balancing and opening the chakra, promoting a balanced personality, the ability to concentrate, intuition and spiritual vision. This unique blend of the finest fragrances features the sacred and revered lotus blossom. Following an ancient wisdom that has been passed down for countless generations, this hand blended and rolled stick incense is designed to open, stimulate and balance the Sahasrara Chakra. Continued use of this resin incense promotes enlightenment, a balanced personality, the ability to concentrate, intuition and spiritual vision. When you listen to his work, it seems inconceivable that Hilary Stagg's musical journey was relatively brief. With fan mail still pouring in regularly from a devoted following, many describing their healing experiences with the music, it's clear that Stagg's unique sound has a profound effect upon people no matter what their musical tastes may be.
Kenji Williams Faces of Epiphany CD Ancient Meditation Bell - Copper - 04 Small Hilary Stagg: A Tribute
Our Price: $6.82
List Price: $7.95
Our Price: $7.95
Our Price: $8.95
“Faces of Epiphany” is a 9 track album by artist Kenji Williams of ABA Structure. There is perhaps no other musical release that integrates such rich violin orchestration with intoxicating/progressive techno, tech house, and tech trance. The pure, true sounds of these bells can soothe your spirit into an easy and graceful meditative space. Sounding your Ancient Meditation Bell can set a calm mind-state for meditation or it can give you a moment to re-center and continue your day from a peaceful, connected place.

Hilary worked as a commercial diver in the North Sea, spending many, many hours underwater. He was also an avid scuba diver, so it's not surprising that Hilary's music is akin to floating in the ocean, wave after wave reflecting the spiral of life as our planet moves through the heavens.

"New Earth Manifesto" Ladies V-Neck SS Burn Out Tee Shirt "Butterfly Manifesto" V-neck S/S Burnout T-Shirt "Essence Of Peace Manifesto" Scooped S/S Burnout T-Shirt
Our Price: $9.00
Our Price: $9.00
Our Price: $9.00
Ladies V-Neck Short Sleeve tee shirt made from 51% cotton and 49% polyester. "New Earth" pattern on the front and the Love This Life "manifesto" printed down the back of the tee.
**Shirts run small**
Ladies V-Neck Short Sleeve tee shirt made from 51% cotton and 49% polyester. "Butterfly Manifesto" pattern on the front and the Love This Life "manifesto" printed down the back of the tee. **Shirts run small** Ladies Scooped Neck Short Sleeve tee shirt made from 51% cotton and 49% polyester."Essence Of Peace Manifesto" pattern on the front and the Love This Life "manifesto" printed down the back of the tee. **shirts run small** .
Clutter Busting- Letting Go of What's..by Brooks Palmer Communication Miracles for Couples: Easy and Effective Tools to Create More Love and Less Conflict by Johnathan Robinson Emma Shaplin - Carmine Meo
Our Price: $9.25
Our Price: $9.25
Our Price: $9.50
Loaded with inspiring anecdotes and practical tips, Clutter Busting is based on the premise that your things are not sacred, but you are. A simple, powerfully effective methods in Communication Miracles for Couples Despite her lack of media and fan relations, she is very well known in the crossover circuit and is immensely popular, especially with Sarah Brightman fans. Her infrequent activity is a shame, since Shapplin is among the most creative of her contemporaries. Carmine Meo has a total of 17 tracks.
Robert Gass & On Wings Of Song; Heart of Perfect Wisdom; Sufi Song of Love 2 LP's on 1 CD Purifying Smudge Kit: includes Wand, Abalone shell & Burden Stones Tahiti NecKlace in 4 color selections
Our Price: $9.80
Our Price: $9.95
Our Price: $10.00
Wooden flutes and harp weave through the airy tapestry. Use the Burden Stones by holding them in your hand while smudging to collect any troubling thoughts from your mind. This distributor works closely with families and small factories to ensure the safety, fair payment and fair treatment of its workers.
Soul Majestic "Until That Day" CD Soul Majestic "Self Titled" CD Soul Majestic "Better World" CD
Our Price: $10.00
Our Price: $10.00
Our Price: $10.00
This contemporary roots album covers many genres in the world of reggae.

Recorded in 2002 with guest appearances by Rocker T. and Rocky Bailey.

This is reggae music to carry you through the rough times into the natural sunlight. Dub, roots, rockers and other elements combine to make a statement that looks harsh reality in the eye and comes up soulful and majestic.

Norah Jones - Not Too Late CD Soul Majestic "Setting The Tone" The Self-Hypnosis Diet by Steven Gurgevich
Our Price: $10.00
Our Price: $10.00
Our Price: $10.50
Not Too Late debuted at number one on the Billboard200, making it Jones' third consecutive number-one album While establishing themselves with the reggae audience, they have also managed to attract many fans that don’t typically gravitate to the genre. Infusing their varied musical influences, from Rock to R&B, Folk to Reggae, their song writing and sound have proven timeless. Steven and Joy Gurgevich have taught thousands how to use hypnosis to overcome the innate challenges of dieting. The Self-Hypnosis Diet reveals the “missing ingredient” for achieving a healthy diet and lifestyle—and bringing change that lasts for a lifetime.
Novus Magnificat:Through the Stargate: Constance Demby Kenji Williams Live: The Music Of World Spirit Inspirational Thoughts by Madisyn Taylor: A companion to The Daily OM Website
Our Price: $10.50
Our Price: $10.50
Our Price: $10.95

Trumpets begin their heralding calls, an organ sings in anticipation, choirs rejoice, harps fly, shooting stars sparkle.

While Kenji Williams has been compared to the great underground experimental techno of Russ Gabriel and the Black Dog, Kenji’s trademark use of highly expressive analog elements of voice and violin brings it into the sphere of sound acceptable by the mainstream, given comparisons to Underworld, Bjork, Orbital, and even Madonna (William Orbit). The gentle and affirming wisdom contained within these pages is intended to make each of your days a little happier, less stressful, and more satisfying.
Mustasia; Nature Calls Songs from Mustasic DailyOM: Learning To Live by Madisyn Taylor (Hardcopy) Us! Celebrating the Power of Friendship by Mary Anne Radmacher
Our Price: $10.99
Our Price: $12.00
Our Price: $12.00

Music and Lyrics by: Rob Broadhurst
Sung by: Rob Broadhurst, Christine Busler, Suzanne Cotsakos, Dione Kuraoka, Brianna McCulloch and Ryan McCulloch
Drums by: Brent “brentalfloss” Black
Learning to Live is the next best thing to a personal instruction manual. Friendship is a popular perennial topic for women's gift books. Us! builds on Radmacher's growing line of gift products and books.