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Chitra Sukhu - Chakra Guided Meditations Jeffrey Thompson - Sleepy Ocean Tami Briggs - The Healing Journey
Dean Evenson - Chakra Healing Soul Reminder Wisdom Cards - 36 Card Affirmation Deck Steve Gordon - Drum Prayer
Sport Spray - Individual Messages from Heaven Communication Cards Vmagic® Feminine Lips Stick 0.65 oz. by Medicine Mama
Sport Spray - Individual
Our Price: $19.00
Members Price: $7.75
Sound Divination Kit - Pendulum Included by Jonathan Goldman Vmagic® - Skincare Down There 2 oz. by Medicine Mama Vmagic® - Skincare Down There 4 oz. by Medicine Mama
OMG  Mint Scented Sports Spray Chakra Necklace Box - includes 18" sterling silver chain and the following 7 individual sterling silver and gemstone pendants