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Philosophy & Ingredients For Mind and Body

pūr~lisse blends traditional Chinese beauty rituals of yesteryear with today’s French skincare technology. The result — a coveted pure and effective skincare system in sophisticated, functional packaging for your modern lifestyle.

pūr~lisse offers superior age prevention, healing hydration and skin-soothing products—the perfect companions for those with sensitive skin, as well as anyone who wants to respect their complexion. We put as much thought into the effective ingredients we include as to the harsh ingredients we don’t.

pūr~lisse 5 key ingredients

pūr~lisse’s unique patent-pending secret is the Lotus Lupine Peptide Complex. This age-prevention complex formula combines powerful antioxidants, Chinese plant extracts, French marine plants, vitamins, and peptides to keep skin beautiful, healthy, and youthful. Lotus Lupine Peptide Complex contains 5 key ingredients: each one’s value supported by scientific studies.

Blue Lotus Flower Lupine Peptides White Tea Soy Protein