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Plagues and Pleasures on the Salton Sea
Plagues and Pleasures on the Salton Sea

Volume 21
This fascinating movie examines an old resort town turned natural disaster and the electic residents who still call it 'home.' Ghosts from Working Man's Death: Take a lyrical journey with hard working men in Indonesia who haul large blocks of sulfur over long, treacherous terrain.

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Once known as the “California Riviera”, the Salton Sea is now called one of America’s worst ecological disasters: a fetid, stagnant, salty lake, that coughs up dead fish and birds by the thousands in frequent die-offs that occur. However, amongst the ruins of this man-made mistake, a few remaining eccentrics (a roadside nudist, a religious folk artist, a Hungarian revolutionary, and real estate speculators) struggle to keep a remodeled version of the original Salton Sea dream alive. The film shares these people's stories and their difficulties in keeping their unique community alive, as the nearby cities of Los Angeles and San Diego attempt to take the agricultural water run-off that barely sustains the Salton Sea. The film ultimately explores the historical, economic, political, and environmental issues that face the Salton Sea, while taking a closer look at the people who have chosen to live in what they see as a surreal paradise.

On This DVD:
Plaques & Pleasures on the Salton Sea: Chris Metzler and Jeff Springer 2006 (73 minutes)
Ghosts from Working Man’s Death: Michael Glawogger 2006 (24 minutes)

Plaques and Pleasures of The Salton Sea Trailer
  • 2007-08

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