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Daughters of Wisdom + Punam and Uncommon Heroes
Daughters of Wisdom + Punam and Uncommon Heroes

Volume 36
High on a plateau near the Himalayas, in the remote northeastern district of Nangchen, lies Kala Rongo, a rare Buddhist monastery for women. In this breathtakingly beautiful film, director Bari Pearlman has crafted an intimate profile of the monastery, its remarkable women and the surrounding community. Shot at 14,000 feet with towering snow capped mountains, lush green vistas, brilliant blue skies, bright red robes and multi-colored flowers the film is a feast of color and light. At Kala Rongo; 300 nuns pursue their rigorous but rewarding life with a joyful dedication, grateful not to be wives and mothers, eager to learn to read, write and develop a spiritual and intellectual life traditionally available only to men.

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Over 30 million people, a quarter of the American workforce, are employed in jobs that pay less than the federal poverty level for a family of four. How is it possible to work full-time in our country and still be unable to afford the basics of a decent life? This honest, intimate film takes a sobering look at the working poor, and the deep-rooted national myth that if you work hard enough you can rise out of poverty. Putting a human face on modern economic realities, the film tenderly profiles four workers over a three-year period, revealing their struggles, setbacks and accomplishments as they pursue the receding American dream.

From the high plateaus of Tibet in Daughters of Wisdom, to a dusty Nepalese city in Punam, to impoverished rural Africa in Uncommon Heroes: Ann Cotton, this illuminating volume of films brings to light the touching personal stories of young women born to poverty and hard labor, and the bright hope that access to an education brings to their difficult lives.

To know how to read and write, to be free to travel, to be able to develop a rich intellectual, artistic or spiritual life is a right and a privilege that Western women take for granted. Thankfully, the world is slowly waking up to the power and promise of educating their girl children, and these finely wrought films each tell a unique piece of that unfolding story.

On This DVD:
Daughters of Wisdom Bari Pearlman (67 minutes)
Punam Lucian Muntean (27 minutes)
Uncommon Heroes: Ann Cotton Carl Byker & Skoll Foundation
(7 minutes)
Daughters of Wisdom

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