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Sacred Commerce, 2nd Edition
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Sacred Commerce, 2nd Edition
During an excursion to the Temple of Isis in Philae in Egypt, two strangers insist upon taking the picture of Ayman and Rowan in front of a carved stone. The figure in the carved stone is revealed to be Bes, the ancient Egyptian god of Commerce and deity of the Merchant Priesthood. Five thousand years ago commerce was held as a sacred practice, not a just a financial transaction. It was a vehicle to raise the consciousness of individuals, the community, and was considered to be a path to self-realization. Sacred Commerce follows this model as its legacy is passed through time and culture, from the Egyptian priesthood to the exodus of Moses, from the quests of the Knights Templar, to the advance of arts and science during the reign of the Prophet Mohammad. Its mysterious secrets contributed to the success of the freemasons, and its principals are the foundation of our present ideals of democracy, equality and social responsibility.